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The company has always regarded technology research and development and personnel training as the company's development goals. Relying on the technical support of the national, provincial and ministerial research platform of Guangdong New Materials Research Institute, and the technical support of the research and development team with academician Zhou Kesong as the leader, it has industry-leading research and development capabilities. The company mainly develops the core key and common technology of material surface engineering, the development and engineering application of high-performance coating material preparation process, and is committed to solving the key and important components of the industry for materials' resistance to high temperature oxidation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance. Demand, and the demand for energy-saving, material-saving, environmentally-friendly green surface engineering technology.

The company is located in Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, relying on the Foshan Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center of Guangdong New Materials Research Institute, giving full play to the technical advantages of the high-end talent innovation team to promote technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

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