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Thermal spray technology

Relying on the technical development force of Guangdong Institute of new materials, he is mainly engaged in the development of thermal spraying application technology, including HVOF / HVAF, APS, Coldspray, LPPS and their applications. After more than 30 years of research and development, we have successively developed high-performance coatings such as high-temperature oxidation and hot corrosion resistant coatings, high-temperature heat insulation and anti ablation coatings, environmental protection wear-resistant ceramic coatings and wear-resistant carbide coatings, conductive and insulating coatings, ceramic based anti-adhesive coatings, lubricating and wear-resistant coatings, and developed metal parts repair and remanufacturing coating technology. These coatings are widely used in aerospace, new energy, oil drilling, packaging and printing, iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, tooling, medical and other industries, including corrugated roll, anilox roll, corona roll, coating roll, calendering roll, rewinding roll, steel metallurgy furnace roll, screw, civil aviation components and other key components.

Carbide powderTypical coating micro morphologyPlasma sprayed coatings

Supersonic spraying coating
Standardized spraying roomHVOF sprayingPlasma spraying equipmentLarge size workpiece spraying

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