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Laser manufacturing technology

Relying on the technological development power of Guangdong New Materials Research Institute, it is mainly engaged in laser surface strengthening technology (quenching, alloying, cladding), laser surface engraving technology (ceramics, cermets, metals, etc.), laser 3D printing technology (metal, Plastics), laser surface texturing technology (ceramics, etc.), laser remanufacturing technology development and application. Independently developed technologies such as high temperature oxidation resistance, thermal corrosion protection, impact resistance, metal ceramic composite coating, laser fine engraving of the coating surface, and laser 3D printing of personalized precision parts. It is widely used in marine, aerospace, medical and health, printing and packaging, high-end equipment and other fields.

SLM metal laser 3D printing equipmentLaser engraving equipment3D printed monolithic turbine bladesHigh-temperature wear-resistant coating on copper

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